Commands and Tips


This page will give you tips for when your screan reader freses. This page will also give you some basic commands for when you first start your screen reader.
Their are also some basic commands for both mac and windows.


Basic windows keys

Name Descriptions
ault+Tab Moves between windows
Ault+F4 closes any opened windows.
Ault+left arrow If on the next page of a website moves you to the previous page.
Ault+Right arrow if on the previous page will move you forward to the next page. Only works if you visited the next page already.
Control+A If in a word document selects everything Same if on the desktop or in a opened folder.
control+C copies a file or folder to the clipboard.
Control+X cuts the file or folder from the desktop or folder.
Control+V Pastes the cut or copied file from the clipboard to a new location.
Control+P Will open the print dialogue box.
Start menu opens a search field to look for other programs in windows.


When a key requires the NVDA key, it refers to your Insert key. If your using a laptop that doesn’t have a numbad then its your capslock key. If your laptop does have a numpad then its key zero or your 6pack. If a command includes the Control key it will be referred to as (CTRL) The desktop keys will also be included.

Name Laptop Keys Desktop Keys
Speech on and off NVDA+S NVDA+S
Application Sleep Mode On and Off NVDA+Shift+Z NVDA+Shift+S
Speech Settings NVDA+ctrl+V NVDA+ctrl+V
Move to Next Speech Options NVDA+Shift+Ctrl+Right arrow NVDA+CTRL+Right Arrow
Previous setting NVDA+Ctrl+shift+Left Arrow NVDA+ctrl+Left Arrow
Increese Speech Settings NVDA+Ctrl+Shift+Up ARROW NVDA+Ctrl+Up Arrow
decrease speech settings NVDA+Shift+CTRL+Down Arrow NVDA+Ctrl+Down Arrow
Input Help NVDA+1 NVDA+1
Date and Time NVDA+F12 Once for the time and twice for the date NVDA+F12 Once for the time and twice for the date
Battery Status NVDA+Shift+B NVDA+Shift+B


note: The Incert key will be referred as the Jaws key.
the Jaws key on the laptop is the capslock key. If the laptop has a numpad then its key 0.
if on the desktop the Jaws key is the Incert key in the six pack or key 0 on the numpad.

Keys Description
Jaws key+1 brings up the keyboard learn
Jaws key+F1 brings up the Jaws help
Down arrow Moves to the next item on the Desktop. If in a document or Webpage will move to the next line
Up arrow Moves to the previous item on the desktop. If on a webpage will move up a line.
Jaws key+up arrow Speak current line
Jaws key+F5 If browsing a website brings up a list of form fields. If in a document will reformat the paiges that have columns in the document so it can be more readable with speach
Jaws key+F6 brings up a headings list
Jaws key+F7 brings up a list of links
Jaws key+home Reads the line the cursor is at
Jawskey+paige up reads from where the cursor is
control stops jaws from reading where ever you are.
Jaws key+down arrow starts reading from where you are
tab Reads items that can be focused on
numpad 5 reads the current character
Numpad 5 twice fast reads the character as phonetics


basic mack commands

Hear are some basic Mac commands.

Name description
Command+tab Moves between other open applications
Command+O Opens a document or app.
Control+command+Q lockes the screen
Command+Down arrow Opens a document or app
Command+Up arrow Closes folders
Command+C copies a file or folder to the clipboard
Command+V Pastes the file or folder
Command+Option+V Moves the file from one location to a new location
Command+P Opens the print dialog box
command+tilda Moves between the currently open windows that are in the same application
Command+left bracket On the internet goes back a page
Command+right bracket If on the internet goes forward a page


When a command calls for the VO keys it means control+option.
Example VO+Right is the same as ctrl+option+right.
On the Mackbook pro the control and option keys can be found after the function key on the left side of the mac.
The keys starting from the left are Function, Control, Command, Space, Command, and Option.
Not sure if its true for all macs.
Your also going to want to turn off the Function key. Its easier to do on hear then on windows.

  1. Go to the menubar with VO+M.
  2. Arrow down until you hear System Prefferences.
  3. Press right arrow until you hear preference panes scroll area and interact with it with VO+down arrow.
  4. Press K for keyboared and press VO+space to open it.
  5. Press right arrow until you hear Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys Unchecked checkbox.
  6. Press space to check it and after its checked your F1 to F12 keys can be used as normal.
  7. press command+Q to close the System prefferences

Your going to want the function key off because if you were to turn on the screen curtain with the function key still active you would have to press VO+Shift +FN+F12.
Now with it off you only have to press VO+Shift+F12.

Name Keys
Starting VoiceOver Command+F5
Move Right VO+right arrow
Move left VO+Left arrow
select Item VO+space
Keyboard help VO+K
Voiceover Help VO+H
Single Key Quicknav VO+Q
Screen Curtain On and Off VO+Shift+F12
Navigating to the Desktop VO+Shift+D
Navigating to the Dock VO+D
Menu bar VO+M
Extras Menu VO+M twice
Shortcut Menu VO+shift+M
Application chooser VO+F1 Twice. Pressing it Once will tell you the current application your in and how many apps are running twice to see the applications
Speech Ring VO+shift+left and right will move between the options. VO+shift+up and down will adjust the settings.
Voiceover utility VO+F8
Quicknav On and Off Press Left and right arrows at the same time
Adjusting the rotor Press Up and right arrows to turn to the right and Up and left arrows to turn to the left